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The mission of the Sales Summits is to provide those responsible for delivering the sales number a group of like-minded sales leaders with whom to discuss issues, problems and solutions. It is a give and take group of people dedicated to each others success.


What the Sales Summits will provide


  • Professional leadership
  • A bi-monthly meeting with a group of peers
  • An open and confidential environment
  • Meetings that start and end on time
  • Topics of interest
  • Introductions to professional resources when requested and when appropriate


Here is what's expected of you


  • Attend a minimum of 80% of the meetings and to arrive on time
  • Be an active participant in the meetings
  • Hold all discussions in the strictest confidence
  • Give and receive feedback in a thoughtful and respectful manner
  • Use the forum as a showcase for serious ideas
  • Prepare annual business goals and report and track on a periodic basis with all members
  • Use other members as advisors to provide feedback on business issues and challenges
  • Provide feedback to the Sales Summits management team about your your experience


What your Sales Summits leader will do


  • Develop and agenda and distribute it prior to the meeting
  • Adapt the agenda when necessary
  • Work with the group to establish group goals
  • Push for hard issues and identify the common themes
  • Introduce supporting materials as required
  • Keep the discussion on track
  • Act as the “institutional memory” of the group
  • Summarize each meeting as to what worked, what didn’t work and what should be changed
  • Present current business and sales trends and recommend books, articles and other readings as appropriate