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Sales Summits provides sales leader forums to sales leaders in all industries. If you have all the revenue you need, you don’t need us. A subsidiary of BetterSell Solutions (www.bettersellsolutions.com) we are former sales leaders with expert facilitation skills who provide a safe, confidential environment for sales leaders to learn and share experiences.

Sales Summits was created by Bob Hatcher, President of BetterSell Solutions and Bob facilitates all Sales Summit meetings in the east.

Bob Hatcher biography

Bob Hatcher is a seasoned sales and marketing executive. For the past five years he has led BetterSell Solutions and become one of the top facilitators in the country. With a 20+ year year he has led the introduction of a number of new products and companies into the marketplace. He is particularly effective at helping clients with positioning and differentiation in the marketplace as well as aligning sales organizations through the application of best sales practices.

His consulting clients have included many technology companies, advertising, strategic consulting firms, document management companies, environmental firms, and financial services companies. His breadth and depth allow him to offer strategic advice on go-to-market strategies.

Bob’s resume includes seven years at Lotus Development Corporation where he managed strategic alliances and the IBM relationship prior to IBM’s acquisition. He was also a sales and business development principal in two very successful startup companies that went public in the late 90s.

His educational background includes a BS from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell), an MS from Colorado State University and an MBA from Bentley College.

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