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Here is a bit more about our format.

What are the Sales Summits?


These by-invitation-only peer groups are the only forums tailored specifically to the singular needs of sales leaders.

In each Sales Summit Forum, six to twelve CSOs from similar industry, but not competing companies meet bi-monthly to solve tough issues, exchange ideas, develop best practices, and discover how to respond to make-or-break decisions. Forums are led by partners from Bettersell Solutions, the parent company of Sales Summits who are noted experts in advising sales organizations and sales leaders. The peer groups fill a crucial advisory function, providing objective insights members can obtain from no other source.


Unique, high impact format


The meetings allow for in-depth discussion of timely, member-chosen topics. Each session addresses “Member Challenges” (CSOs put forth specific issues for debate and feedback), “Best Practices” (CSOs present topical solutions that have delivered excellent results) and common hot issues. Our proven growth models and relevant performance evaluators are used each time to measure progress, illuminate critical areas requiring attention, and provide a common framework for success. This unique design offers significant value:

  • Absolute confidentiality and consistent participation build cohesion and trust. Members present their toughest, most sensitive issues and receive unbiased perspectives not available from their boss, others on the management teams, or their subordinates.
  • Each CSO delivers a “Member Challenge” and reports back on results before the next meeting.
  • The focus is on both operational and the strategic big picture and looks at critical aspects of the CSO leadership role often lost in the fire-fighting atmosphere of most high-growth companies.
  • Members share similar business environments so the forums serve as early detection systems for shifting trends that may significantly impact the future of their companies.


Typical Issues Discussed


The beauty of this program is that we discuss YOUR issues, not ours. You suggest and bring the topics, you bring the expertise to help your peers. Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Have I built an effective sales system? Are my people effective at Account Management, Opportunity Management, Call Management? How are we at negotiations?
  • Do I have the right sales model? Should I be selling more through the channel? Do I have the right channel mix?
  • What is the relationship with my boss? What is the relationship with the Board? How do I prepare for review meetings?
  • Do I have the right compensation model? Am I paying my people too much or too little?
  • How do I find the right people?
  • What are best practices in funnel management and forecasting?