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How often to the Forums meet?  How long are the meetings? Groups meet every other month, usually from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM.  We will obviously carefully schedule the meetings around end-of-quarter issues, etc.

How are groups set up? Groups are generally focused around industries.  So, tech companies will be grouped together, bio-tech companies together, etc.  However, what’s most important is the issues facing each sales leader.  If there are common interests and sales models we sometimes have companies of different industries in one group.  We will also try to group by like-sized companies.

Where do we meet? Each member will be asked to host a meeting on a regular basis.  So, if there are eight members in a Forum then they will host one meeting every other year or so.

What is my commitment? By joining the Forum you commit your time, energy and your brain-power.  Attendance at these meetings is mandatory.  To be excused you will have to petition your fellow CSOs for permission.   These are not to be taken lightly. Your first meeting is on a trial basis.  The group will vote on whether to admit you and you will have the opportunity to interact with the other members, pose questions and test the waters for yourself.

What about confidentiality? Because members share highly confidential information, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.  But, of course the purpose is to share insights, ideas and best practices so applying these concepts to your business is expectedWe have a private, secure website where we have a discussion forum, share documents, and store our collective wisdom.

I am not a chief sales officer, am I allowed to be a member? If you are responsible for the sales number for your company, then you are eligible.  We have division presidents and sales directors as members.  Title is not important, results are.

I am not sure I want to join, what if I don’t like the people? If you think you’d like to join a group, you will have initial interviews with our president, Bob Hatcher.  If Bob thinks you are appropriate you will meet with one of the members of a group.  If that person thinks you are appropriate you will be invited to attend a meeting at no charge.  After the meeting, the group as a whole will then vote whether to accept you or not.  If they want you, and you want to join, you will then be asked to make a commitment.

How much do these Forums cost? Depending on location, the cost to be a Forum member ranges from $6,000 – $10,000 annually.  Because we are looking for committed CSOs we require an initial six month commitment.

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