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Reason 1 – “I’m really smart, I can’t possibly learn from other people.”

It’s not always easy to think outside the box when you’re inside the box.  Your Sales Summit peers will give you an outside view of unbiased, brutally honest advice – and hold you accountable.  Some people are givers, others takers.  Some arrive ready to learn, others are reluctant to learn. Invariably, they all realize they are not the smartest person in the room on every topic. Every member will tell you they’ve learned valuable lessons from others in the group.  Imagine presenting your issues and tapping into the wisdom of over 100-yrs of collective VP experience!

Reason 2 – “I don’t have the time.”

You think your time is precious? We all have seven days a week and 24 hours a day. That’s it. The question is, how do we choose to spend our time?  We are talking the difference between working “in” your business versus working “on” your business. Within months you will be doing more in less time.

Sales Summits members don’t take part because they are bored or because they are trying to find some way to spend time. They are among the most productive sales executives anywhere and very conscious of how they invest their time.  The Sales Summits don’t take time, they net time. Peer advice helps you work smarter, not harder.

Reason 3 – “I need to wait until I get over this hump.”

Anyone who thinks, “I’ll have more time after I get over this hump” is kidding themselves.  There are always more humps. Were you humping 24 months ago, 12 months ago, 6 months ago? If so, humping is not the cure for humping.   Our members wish they had joined six or 12 or 18 months sooner.

Reason 4 – “I can’t afford the Sales Summits.”

You certainly have budget for professional development for your people.  How about you?  How about investing in yourself as a leader? The Sales Summits will be your absolute best investment in yourself.  Every current and past member will tell you the return on their time and money far exceeds the fee.  Heck, you are a salesperson!  Use your skills.

Reason 5 – “I already go to outside sales discussions/presentations.”

Some of these are pretty good and you can learn something.  But, do they focus on your issues? Our meetings are productive, disciplined and documented where everyone gets the time they need to discuss their issues.  No consultants, no pitches, just a focus on the issues facing the members.

Reason 6 – “I can’t trust anyone with my secrets.”

What’s the deal? Are you a loner? Are you on the lam? Can you even trust yourself?  Our members learn how to trust by being trustworthy. Group members sign non-disclosure agreements and know how to maintain confidentiality, because that is the necessary ingredient for true sharing.